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Although this set can be used any time of the year, I designed it as a February reading program and I used heart shaped graphics to tie in with a Valentine's Day theme.

Valentine's Day can be the most amazing holiday in the world if you're on good terms with your significant other, the most awkward holiday ever if you're on bad terms with your significant other and can be downright excruciating if you're between significant others.

There is no question that this holiday has become extremely consumer-driven as it allows local and chain stores to push pink and red memorabilia as soon as the new year begins.

This set of teaching resources will help you to remind your students that the most special gifts do not involve money, instead, they are gifts that involve being thoughtful and kind.

This Valentine's Day poetry set includes two different heart shaped poem templates.

Fall In Love With Nouns is a Valentine's Day powerpoint lesson.

This fun presentation reviews 3 types of nouns: common nouns, proper nouns, and pronouns.

The one on the left is a general poetry worksheet and the template on the right is a L.

You'll love these free creative writing prompts as much as you love February 14th, the wonderful holiday known as Valentine's Day.

Edison invented more than 1,200 items, including the light bulb and phonograph. He only attended school for three months, as his teachers complained that his mind wandered and referred to him as "addled" (confused, mixed up, empty).

Instead, Edison was taught reading, writing, and arithmetic at home by his mother, who was a former teacher.


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