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When you are looking for general concepts to further your creativity, handy tools are just a click away.For names, locations, descriptions, and article ideas, these websites are ideal for artists, writers, authors, songwriters, and poets.You might feel like it’s all been done or just cannot seem to connect the dots of your own thoughts.

When you are looking for general concepts to further your creativity, handy tools are just a click away.

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What do you do when you want to come up with a fresh idea?

Whether it’s for a short story, piece of artwork, informative article, or even a business startup, it’s not always easy.

When you move your mouse over the category choices at the top, you will immediately see tons of subcategories to choose from.

You can get ideas for everything from aliens and hobbits to story locations and business names. Fantasy Name Generators has battlefields, back stories, poetry, prayers, and everything else you could want. Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a wonderful tool for article writers and bloggers in search of ideas.

Keep them handy, bookmark them, and visit them whenever you need to spark an idea.

Whether you are a current author or seeking to become one, there can be times when you are stuck for ideas.

When you land on the Plot Generator website, you will see a variety of options, from short stories and movie scripts to genre-specific blurbs.

If you already have a story thought, but need help moving it along, click on one of the genres.

If you do not like the option shown, click the refresh button for something new.

For example, if enter the word i Phone, you may see a title like How Twitter Can Teach You About i Phones.


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