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I made this mistake, and when my students wrote their rough drafts, all of them could have used additional supports with their very last scene.I would tell students that they need to reveal the ending in order to get feedback from their peers.They will fill in the following graphic organizer, which is what they will use to write their rough drafts.

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Allow as much time as necessary so that students have three possible stories to work with.

My students were given lots of choice here, as long as it was a narrative story.

Photo writing prompts are so great, because they give students vivid imagery without giving them all the details.

You’ll be surprised about the writing that your students will create. This picture would definitely appeal to any kid and get their creative juices flowing!

Feel free to take or leave my suggestions and use these pictures however you see fit. Which kid wouldn’t be excited by the possibility of a faucet that provides endless candy!

This would make a perfect writing prompt for a narrative story.

In the past I’ve used stories such as “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets” and “Scout’s Honor,” but find some that work for you.

Because I don’t work in a traditional classroom setting (or with any sort of curriculum), I find myself piecing together bits and pieces of lessons from other people, including this gem that I found from about how to outline a short story in seven steps.

For your reference, the basic steps are: What I really loved is how this post took three different possible storylines and then followed all three through each step of the short story writing process until the end.

For example, a seemingly mundane story problem (The garden isn’t pollinated), gains traction and makes the reader care about the problem (the garden produces a plant that provides a life-saving medicine – if it doesn’t get pollinated, people close to the child will die! **Note – you will want to preview the entire blog post and modify as necessary for your group since the original post was intended for an adult writer.


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