Creative Problem Solving For Kids

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Place a bucket full of water or balls in the center.

Give your kids a selection of tools -- some useful, some not -- to help them transfer the water from the bucket to the neutralization container that is at least 30 feet away.

To take a look at a resource to help your students better understand that problems come in various sizes and should have corresponding, appropriate reactions, click here.

Problem-solving skills are a critical ability for children to begin acquiring, as this skill set determines a child’s success in more than just academics.

They will likely know that the correct response would be for Billy to 1) avoid shouting back, 2) apologize to Tommy, and 3) then let Tommy know that he bumped into him accidentally.

Creative Problem Solving For Kids Raisin In The Sun Essay On Walter

Next, present the unexpected variable: When a child understands social problem-solving, he/she will be able to consider how to best handle the social issue and the child will also know how to manage any unexpected circumstances that may arise.

Have your students make up a chart that discusses the pros and cons of using the penny and creative ways to get pennies back into circulation.

You can discuss using coin counting machines, how to use them as change, the value of wrapping pennies and if it is worthwhile to keep pennies in the United States exchange system.

Some ways to brainstorm with your students may include; This method is helpful for problems that do not have a specific or obvious solution and can’t be “fixed.” An example of this could be if a student is unsure what to do during indoor recess because they really love swinging on the swings outside.

Creative or flexible thinking often takes an adult to facilitate, at least until the student becomes really good at doing this.


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