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In the service industry and especially in the hotel industry, the value is added and created from the people inputs of time, knowledge, equipments and systems to serve the hotel guests and customers.Customers in these companies can be also employees from the same organisation.

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brands are leading in customer satisfaction and owner and franchisee preferences. Marriott International has become the world’s leading lodging company, not only through its deiverse portfolio of global brands, but also by training and engaging the best employees (300.000) to delivery the best service.

As we can see, two very big hospitality company operating worldwide are constantly trying to add value.Porter identified 10 cost drivers realting to the value chain activities: A firm develops a cost advantage by controlling these drivers better than do the competition.A cost advantage also can be pursued by reconfiguring the value chain.Company dedicated for the tradition of providing exceptional guest experience across its global brands distributed over a total of more than 3400 hotels in 79 countries.The company manages the world-class guest reward program called Hilton Honours®, innovative technologies to enhance the guest experience. In-depth local knowledge set industy standards around the world.According to Porter (1985), cost leadership and product differentiation can be pursued simultaneously only under rare conditions.If organisations are to achieve competitive advantage by delivering value to customers, managers need to understand which activities the undertake are especially important in creating that value and which are not (Johnson et all 2008) .( External efficiency is measured by customer satisfaction and by market share.To achieve customer satisfaction the company requires, and is depends on, the timely received goods and its services to specification by external suppliers.In this assignment I’m going to show that an organisation can add value with its success and how the concept of a Value Chain can be used to assess where organisations add value and develop future strategy.According to Wright (2004), Value Chain is a traditional manner of departmentalising stages of the business process.


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