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But after an injury Catherine or “Cathy’ was forced to reside at the Linton’s, a pristine family who re-molded Cathy into a well mannered, well behaved, well spoiled girl. There is one point in the book where Heathcliff begs Catherine’s ghost to haunt him Just so he can be close to her. Edgar Linton, a rich young man, fell in love with Catherine Earnshaw at a young age.At her stay with the Linton’s Catherine learned about the value for money and social status. “And I pray one prayer–l repeat it till my tongue stiffens–Catherine Earns haw, may you not rest as long as I am living! Eventually they married and resided at Thrushcross Grange where they had their only child Catherine Linton. Although Catherine does not mistreat Edgar like Heathcliff did to Isabelle, she let it be known to him that her heart truly lies with Heathcliff. Catherine’s daughter, Catherine Linton or young Cathy was forced to face the wrath of Heathcliff. Isabelle Linton, Edgar Linton’s younger sister, met Heathcliff and viewed him as a romantic hero and they married right away. Heathcliff constantly treated Isabelle as if she were beneath him, worthless, not even worth thinking about.

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It tears characters lives apart and often bringing other characters down with it.

The best example of the destructive side of love is illustrated by the relationship of Emily Bronte’s two main characters, Heathcliff and Catherine, in the classical love story,” Wuthering Heights”.

Their relationship is more than passion and lust, it’s an addiction.

After Catherine’s death the addiction became an obsession, driving Heathcliff mad.

Not only does it greatly affect the lives of the people involved in the relationship, but also the utsiders who by chance got sucked into the complicated situation. When something stands in the way of their “drug” they become mean, violent, yelling at others, kicking, and screaming. Esquirol defined monomania as “the disease of going to extremes, of singularization one- sidedness. They do have one thing in common; they share a common theme, the destructiveness of love. So in love that he became obsessed with trying to win her back.

The most notable accounts of destructive love are the classical stories of Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, and The Great Gatsby. It isn’t until you take whatever their aaddicted to away, that they start to splral aownwara ana tney go crazy, oolng anytnlng tney can to get tnat Teellng, tne addiction gave them, back. He went to major extremes (much like Heathclif O Just to be connected with her again, such as buying a huge mansion across the bay from Daisy and Tom’s house.The most famous love stories tell the tale of the love that does not prevail, or doomed love. Many drug addicts become so aaddicted to taking that drug that they forget about everything else. Heathcliffs passion for Catherine, even after her death, had essentially driven him mad. In the end Gatsbys world comes umbling down when Daisy chooses Tom over him and he is then killed by George Wilson who believed that Gatsby ran over his beloved wife Myrtle (even though it was really Daisy).This type of love is destructive, ruins lives, turns a character from a victim to a villain, and at times leads to a death. They forget about their families, friends, Jobs, and most importantly their health. Graeme Tytler theorizes that Heathcliff fits the contemporary medical diagnosis of monomania, as defined by Jean Etienne Dominique Esquirol, one of the founders of modern psychiatry. Jay Gatsby and Heathcliff are two very different characters from two very different books.Each character had a different plot with different characters, but it’s their love that bonds these two people together.Their love, whatever the intentions for the relationship were, destroyed them in the end.Not only did their relationship take a toll on their individual lives, but it affected the lives of other characters’ as well.The aftermath of Heathcliff and Cathys love left characters like Edgar Linton, Isabelle Linton, and Catherine Linton, feeling used, unwanted, and unloved.Love in many cases is as destructive as it is constructive.Yes, it has its sweet, tender moments that make a person’s heart melt, wishing that their life goes through something ssimilar.A devastated Heathcliff lives the rest of his life bitter and mistreating everyone around him as he mourns for his lost love. After Catherine’s death, Heathcliff slowly goes down the path of insanity in attempt to keep Catherine alive, not necessarily in reality but in his mind. An example of this can be seen in “The Great Gatsby’ by F. In this book, the mysterious character Jay Gatsby has everything.Love, it is a complex emotion that two or more people share for each other. This is when his addiction to Catherine became his monomania and eventually his downfall “… The big house, the best parties, the finest shirts, but none of that mattered in the end.


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