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AESTHETICS Direct Composites: Solving Shade-Matching Challenges Dr. Wu present a case that involved the interim stabilization of an ectodermal dysplasia patient undergoing long-term interdisciplinary care. ENDODONTICS Better and Faster Root Canal Treatments: A Synopsis of the Latest High-Tech Protocols Dr. Stephen Buchanan discusses how the productivity gains that rotary files brought to shaping procedures are now being delivered to negotiation procedures by advances in heat treatment and improvements in file design. PROSTHODONTICS An All-Inclusive Approach to Oral Rehabilitation Dr.Kevin Brown presents case examples that demonstrate the use of a new single-shade composite system in the smile zone. Seeing With Aesthetic Vision: Tooth Size Discrepancies Dr. Mc Laren, and Marko Tadros share several techniquesthat have proven successful over the years to improve patients’ understanding of their clinical conditions and to increase the predictability of case acceptance. Manor Haas shows how to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality. Ara Nazarian outlines a case that demonstrates an all-inclusive approach to oral rehabilitation.Oral problems can consist of any problems in the teeth, gums, lips, or other parts of the mouth (Occupational Outlook Handbook: Dentists).

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As time goes by we change what we want to do so many times. By the time we are juniors and seniors in high school getting ready for college we have a lot of pressure on us to make a decision.

It took me slightly longer then others to fully commit on what I wanted to do as my career but I ultimately decided to become a dentist.

Joyce Bassett shares a technique for designing a composite prototype and fabricating a definitive porcelain restoration that also simplifies the work for the ceramist.

Viewpoint The Pendulum Swings Focus On: Acceptance INTERVIEW The Dawn of Injection Molded Composite Dentistry Dr.

Implants Treating the Congenitally Deficient Smile Dr. Mc Ardle presents a case report outlining how a patient with missing permanent laterals and palatally impacted canines was treated.

Kusek showcases the use of lasers in the treatment of peri-implantitis in a case report.ENDODONTICS Apical Lesions: Diagnostic Considerations Dr. LASERS Management of Oral Viral Lesions With a Diode Laser Drs. Kurtzman discuss the management of viral lesions using diode lasers.RESTORATIVE Simplifying Posterior Zirconia Crown Placement: Introducing a Self-Repairing Bioceramic Cement Dr.John Khademi, Mark Blue, and Nathan Robison discuss their observations on how occlusion must be taken into consideration when treatment planning patients presenting with periodontal and endodontic disease.AESTHETICS Aesthetic Case Treatment Planning: It’s Easier and Faster Using a Mobile App Dr.IMPLANTS Observations of an Experienced Implant Practitioner Dr.Gordon Christensen discusses current implant-related topics from the perspective of a long-time dental implant practitioner.Todd Snyder shares a minimal-to-no-prep smile makeover case.AESTHETICS Correction of Extremely Dark Anterior Teeth Dr. Okuda describes how to address the challenge of extremely dark and unaesthetic anterior teeth. Beach talks about the importance of considering all the possible etiologies when a patient presents with an apical radiolucency.Implant and Prosthetic Efficiency Breakthroughs: Recent Advances in Implant Design and Drilling Protocols Drs.ENDODONTICS Endodontic Disease and Periodontal Problems: The Role of Occlusion Drs.


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