Convention For Writing Numbers In Essays

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In this post, we will provide a simple rule of thumb and some exceptions for our biomedical authors.

It’s a style choice whether you use commas in four-digit numbers.

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When converting this into text, the same would apply.

In most cases, spelling the number with the same commas as used when in numerical form facilitates readability.

We hope that by now you are familiar with number conventions in formal writing.

You can refer to Part 1 and Part 2 in this series, for a quick recap.

Would you like to try out a quick quiz to test your number knowledge?

Check out these easy and fun exercises from Grammar Book: Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 Comment below to let us know how you fared!

The modern scientific number style treats numbers more consistently by extending the use of “numerals” to most 1-digit whole numbers (1 to 9) that were previously expressed as words (one to nine).

This style allows all quantities to be expressed in a similar manner.


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