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For practically the entire essay, Wallace takes a topical approach and assumes that his audience has a very rudimentary understanding of the lobster.He describes the attractions at the event, and using long, run on sentences, delves into the overwhelming variety of lobster dishes that one can expect to see at the festival.The reason that I struggle with organization is that there is no “right” answer.

Following this Wallace goes in depth in regards to the origin of the lobster.

He covers topics such as how it is classified in the realm of crustaceans, the origin of the word “lobster,” and how it transformed from a dish associated with the poor, to the modern day delicacy it has become.

If he organizes his paper in a way that helps me progress from where I am standing all the way through to his conclusion, then the paper is organized appropriately.

Sometimes, if he reverses the order, I become more convinced earlier.

This is literally my advice in every other segment of the rubric (except MLA formatting, that is what it is).

Organization, however, is unique in that only the author knows what he wants to prove and the bank of evidence he has in his corner.

The organizational process seems to be the one that I, personally, go back to even after I am finished writing, just to make sure the paper is as effective as possible.

You may remember, from the Voyant Tools: Close Reading Blog, that my 10am College Writing II class created a Voyant Tools analysis on David Foster Wallace’s “Consider the Lobster”. “Trends” is the line-graph tool on the top right of the analysis.

“Wallace doesn’t even mention pain until midway through his article,” they say, looking again at their text. ” The answer to this question is as simple as it is complex. “In what ways are the readers of Gourmet different from College Writing students at FAU? The remainder of the articles are recipes, cooking strategies, and interesting facts about food.

This article is different from most of those, it is a critique of how we treat lobsters up until the moment they are consumed.


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