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The difference between genre and subject is often blurred by the world around us.

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For example, narrative poetry includes ballads and epic tales, while lyric poetry includes sonnets, psalms and even folk songs. Prose is essentially identified as written text that aligns with the flow of conversation in sentence and paragraph form, as opposed to verses and stanzas in poetry.

Writing of prose employs common grammatical structure and a natural flow of speech, not a specific tempo or rhythm as is seen in traditional poetry.

Poetry is a style of writing that tends to be written in verses, and typically employs a rhythmic and measured approach to composition.

It characteristically is known for evoking emotional responses from readers through its melodic tone and use of creative language that is often imaginative and symbolic in nature.

It’s common for subject matter to be considered a genre in not only literature, but also in movies and even games, both of which are often based on or inspired by books.

These subjects can include biography, business, fiction, history, mystery, comedy, romance and thrillers.Prose as a genre can be broken down into a number of subgenres including both fiction and non-fiction works.Examples of prose can range from news, biographies and essays to novels, short stories, plays and fables.Most likely, the books were divided into sections - fiction and non-fiction for sure - and further categorized based on the type of books, such as self-help, historic, science fiction and others.Many people assume that these categorizations of subject matter are genre, and as a result, common language today has adopted a casual use of genre to mean subject.At the most basic level, there are essentially three main genres for literature - poetry, prose and drama - and each can be broken down even further, resulting in dozens of subgenres for each.Some resources will cite only two genres: fiction and non-fiction, though many classics will argue that fiction and non-fiction can, and do, both fall under poetry, drama or prose.Though, it can be a challenge to determine how many subgenres or subjects actually exist, as there are differing opinions on each, and new ones are created regularly.For example, young adult writing has become increasingly popular, and some would classify it as a subgenre of prose.It is generally broken down into four subgenres including comedy, melodrama, tragedy and farce.In many cases, dramas will actually overlap with poetry and prose, depending on the writing style of the author.


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