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Lets get to the question anyway has anyone ever manage to complete or crammed a lot of coursework when i say alot i mean alot, in a small space of time i mean like a period of 3 days nonstop? Thanks in advance Any advice for my friend will be helpful as she needs it. Some subjects, you can sort of get away with doing the coursework quickly- I did both pieces of English coursework in one evening- but with others it's more difficult.

Well, I started about seven-ish and finished at around eleven, so I wouldn't call it an all-nighter. But yeah, really does depend on the subject and how good your friend is at it.

Coursework should be checked for easy readability and understanding, free of grammatical errors, and plagiarism.

Students need to know the requirements and what they need to create.

If they know the stuff anyway, it's possible to do a piece of coursework well in that amount of time.

im writing thesis in a week from scratch (although i already have the results/data).Hi a random question i know but wanted you views you see my friend is doing last minute coursework meaning she needs to complete a workload of coursework before friday.She left it to the last minute meaning stress, tears, stress, tears. Last year i manage to do 3 months of coursework in a week and got 82/100 for it which is ok seeing as it was last minute, this was ict and did i forgot to mention 150 pages of work.However, be careful and do this only when you really don’t have any idea what to do.A good topic helps you in writing all the other sections of your paper, you should choose the topic that interests you and motivates you to go forward.When writing coursework, students show what they have learned during the course.This is the process that requires a lot of attention and research.This process could be difficult and require a lot of effort but there are ways to make it easier.A productive workplace, planning and scheduling, and using different sources can help to have less effort and get what you need in a shorter timeframe.You need to check what the teacher wants of you and what results you need to show him or her.You are able to discuss the main points with your teachers until you understand them and know what to do.


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