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Make a list of everything you can think of when you think of driving during each season Match up things from summer and winter so that you have some comparison statements like "In the summer, there is no ice on the road but in the winter, there is." Pick 3-5 of the most interesting things and write one paragraph about each thing.Write an introduction telling what the essay is going to be about Write… And also if you are doing a compare and contrast essay this answer is for you!The question give can be to compare and contrast an object or topic.

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A "compare and contrast" essay asks you to look at two or more things and describe the ways that they are similar (compare) and then the ways that they are different (contrast).

Usually at the end you have to give your opinion as to which you think is better.

The introduction paragraph includes a hook to grab your reader's attention, and a thesis statement that introduces the comparison and contrast and its purpose.

It explains what you'll compare and contrast in the essay. Usually at the end you have to give your opinion as to which you think is better.

Most of the time, this sort of essay focuses on two books, but it can be used to demonstrate the differences and similarities of anything.

Throughout the year, safe driving should always be a top priority. It can get overwhelming out there, so try to stay calm.A more creative way is to compare things (or people/ events/ phenomena)…A compare and contrast essay is an expository method in which an essay can be written.Your vehicle’s cooling system is its main defense against overheating and breaking down on hot summer days.So while having your hoses inspected, have your radiator flushed and refilled with the proper type and amount of coolant (anti-freeze).Drive at a safe speed and be courteous to other drivers.Speeding, tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic and not yielding the right-of-way can lead to collisions. If you are not cautious unnecessary wrecks can be caused.Decrease your speed and leave yourself plenty of room to stop.You should allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you. When it’s hot, fluids and lubricants can break down more rapidly, tires are subject to more stress and a vehicle suffers more wear and tear.The best recommendation I can give you when it comes to driving in bad winter weather would to be doing drive at all unless it is an absolutely necessary.But if you must drive in snowy conditions, make sure your car is equipped, and that you know how to handle icy or snowy road conditions.


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