Compare And Contrast Essay For The Odyssey

Compare And Contrast Essay For The Odyssey-81
In both cases there is no evidence for the two women, Circe and Penelope actually being with another man.Circe's main role is in book 10 and there is no reference or text suggesting that there is another man as well as Odysseus however there is defiantly the animals that she had turned from men into their animal like state as she had turned Odysseus's men into pigs however she only slept with Odysseus because he was immune to her powers and Hermes the trickster god had said that she had to.So I don't think that she had actually slept with the men that she had turned into animals because they were obviously not immune like Odysseus was.

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In your conclusion, you should address whether you think heroes are as important to your generation (contemporary America) as they were for the ancient Greeks.

Length: 350-600 words Create a graphic organizer or Venn diagram to compare Odysseus to the contemporary American hero you chose.

For an ancient Greek example, you will use Odysseus from The Odyssey.

For an American hero, you will use one of the heroes agreed upon by our class (voting poll#4).

You should have an introduction and two or more body paragraphs.

One body paragraph should focus on similarities; the other body paragraph should focus on differences.

Their roles are mainly depicted as mothers and wives.

The Iliad has dedicated women to the role of helping men in different aspects, while at the same time playing the ritualistic roles that would see such men remain well protected during their war adventures.

This is yet a motherly role demonstrated of Hecuba, who feels that her son needs to be covered with rituals and prayers even in his death.

Hecuba is also the first to throw herself at Hector’s body when it was finally returned back to (“Compare and contrast the representation of women in the Iliad and the Essay”, n.d.) Retrieved from “Compare and Contrast the Representation of Women in the Iliad and the Essay”, n.d. This is a comparison and contrast between Cinderella and Ashputtle.


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