Common Secondary Essay Questions

Don’s got many years of admissions experience; he has had several medical school admissions committee members on his staff, including one dean of admissions of a major Chicago medical school, and he’s spoken to groups of premed advisers about his experiences as an adviser.

He stands by his courses, so if you have any problems, be sure you reach out to him.

This online video course will teach you how to quickly and persuasively write your medical school secondary application essays.

It includes my master list of “Super Prompts” and training videos that show you the best way to respond to each prompt.

Each school will send a different secondary with unique essay questions.

This means you will be faced with several, possibly dozens of applications within a 1-2 month period. I recommend creating a spreadsheet listing each program with the following components: name of school, date of secondary receipt, submission deadline, number of essay questions, school ranking, relative ranking of importance to you.

Equally important though is the secondary application.

It is absolutely crucial not to overlook this part of the application process.

The average secondary consists of 2-3 short essays about the applicant’s experiences and interest in that particular school.

For those who submit their primary in June, secondary invitations will arrive in late June and early July, continuing throughout the summer thereafter.


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