Color Theory Assignments

For example, where you see green, color a corresponding shade or tint of red, and where you see blue, color in orange. Originally, the dark background had a green glaze over it, but this is no longer visible.Use Adobe's color wheel to find the complementary color — just spin the wheel until you see the color you are looking for, and its complement will be on the other side. Imagine what the color green would have looked like next to the colors you can see now.

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Watch the video below for an introduction to the language of color.

Next, take the pre-assessment to see how much you already know about color's words.

Painters do not simply load their brushes with a color and add it to the canvas; they mix the colors on a palette first.

Additionally, some of the colors Vermeer used are no longer visible.

Colors that are created from equal parts of each of the two kinds of colors above are called intermediate or (7)________________________ colors.

When describing these colors, place the (8) ________________ color first.

List the three colors you think the artist used most in this painting. What do you think the most common favorite color in the world is?

The three primary colors on the traditional color wheel are red, yellow and blue.

The three colors from which all other colors are made are called (3)________________ colors, and they are (4)__________, ____________, and ____________.

Colors that are created by mixing equal parts of the colors above are called (5) _____________________ colors, and they are (6) _______________, _______________, and ____________________.


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