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For this reason, the following research studies the awareness students have about the causes and effects of early marriage, and questions their opinion on whether they support or not early marriage.In order to determine the way of gathering and receiving the information, we have first structured and designed a questionnaire, and then asked 70 randomly selected female students to fill in the questionnaire form.

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We also find that Nepalese parents make partiality between sons and daughters.

They think that the purpose of women's education is only to burden them with children; this education is of no use.

Marriage should not be the sole aim but only a side issue of their lives.

We must get rid of the idea that when a woman sings and dances before a man, by that action she makes herself cheap.

If education does not lead to women's economic independence, it will have been wasted.

We must get rid of the superstition that women are inferior to men.

Nepalese parents think that the sole purpose of educating girls is to make it easier to find suitable husbands for them.

As soon as girls attains the marriageable age, the problem of her marriage begins to prey upon their minds.

In our country Nepal, modern women’s are doctors, professors, engineers, nurse, ministers, members of parliament etc.

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