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How much time will you need for writing and editing?

How much time will you need for writing and editing?You have a specific period of time by the deadline.

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Examples include going to a theme park or snorkeling off a tropical island.

Organize your ideas by placing them into a category.

This type of assignment is quite common, but a huge number of students are still struggling with it. Your teachers don’t give you a lesson on how to write a good classification essay.

They just give general instructions and a theme, and you’re left on your own.

Break apart categories with more than eight ideas to form two separate categories. Start with the Roman numerals one through three and list the words "introduction," "body" and "conclusion" next to each numeral.

Note your main ideas under "introduction" and "conclusion," and list your categories under "body." Put a letter before each point and category on a new, indented line.The thesis statement is the foundation of your classification essay.This won’t be a simple classification that seems like a part of a textbook.Once you set the time frame, it’s time to start planning the outline.The preliminary research already gave you an idea of what you’ll write about.For example, classify an essay about vacations by cost or destination type.Use categories like budget, middle ground and extravagant to classify by cost or categories like beach, family and adventure to classify by destination type. If your topic is "Types of vacations" and your thesis is "There are many types of fun vacations to enjoy during summer break," make a list of enjoyable summer vacations.For example, snorkeling off a tropical island fits under the categories of "beach" or "extravagant," depending on how you choose to classify your categories.Discard any ideas that do not fit into a category and any categories that have fewer than three ideas.To give you a better idea of the assignment, here are few classification essay topics for college students to serve as examples: As you can see, you may take any idea that gets your attention and turn it into a classification essay topic.You’ll just have to observe the phenomenon from different angles and categorize it in different classes.


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