Chinese New Year Essay Form 1

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This custom has existed for a long time with a view to wishing the children a new successful age.

However, it is so sad that nowadays, a lot of people do not appreciate this priceless meaning.

My family doesn’t celebrate Chinese Bew Year bcoz we are not Chinese. On Chinese New Year, I always go to my Chinese friends’ home and play with them together. Sometimes, our family went to the Chinatown and looked around the shops and stalls selling Chinese traditional foods and crafts. :) Among the Chinese traditional things, I like the toy of a cat shaking her hands front and back.

Among them,my favorite Chinese food is called “T Kwae”. We could even hear the noisy bangs of firecrackers from our house.

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I like it very much, but i I don't celebrate this celebration.

For me the most interesting of this information is the change of the dates of the new year celebration and I would like it very much.

There are a few mistakes in the passage: First, ' Kung Hei Fat Choi' does not mean ' Happy New Year', the phrase actually means ' Wish you will be prosperous' in English.

The phrase meaning ' Happy New Year' is ' Sun Nin Fai Lok' in Cantonese or ' Xin Nian Kuai Le' in Mandarin.


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