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However, when referring to your own results or conclusions, it is better to use the first or second person. ✔︎ Two bands of equal intensity appear in the spectrum.Usage of verbs when mentioning amount of chemical reagent and terms like data (singular: datum) and spectra (spectrum) is often confused.

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Second, if scientists believe that the authors of another paper committed an error, they often address it by performing a better experiment and/or publishing a response.

In this way, the scientific record is self-correcting, and there isn't as compelling a reason to retract a paper just because something in it is wrong.

He also features twice weekly on the Kirby Wilbur Show, a Seattle area radio program, in a segment called "Real Science with Dr.

A distinguishing feature of William and Mary's Chemistry curriculum is its undergraduate research program.

Our Chemistry undergraduates co-author research papers which are published in leading scientific journals and participate in numerous presentations at professional meetings.

The majority of research support comes from external grants and contracts awarded to our faculty from a variety of state, national, international, government, and private corporate sources.Use past tense to describe a procedure: Investigations into 8-hydroxyquinoline (1) and 4-iodo-8-hydroxyquinoline (2) are described. Use a leading zero for values less than unity and avoid values with many zero (use scientific notation instead) for decimals.The Inorganic Chemistry Research is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that covers all aspects of inorganic chemistry.✖ I filtered the solution and noticed production of a yellow powder.✔︎ Filtration of the solution, yielded a yellow powder.That isn't necessarily the case for "honest errors" for two reasons.First, honest errors are exceedingly difficult to catch.✖ 0.5 g of Na OH was added to 5 ml of DW, and the solution was heated.✔︎ After addition of 0.5 g of Na OH to 5 ml of DW, the solution was heated. Although such sentences are preferred in Original Articles, scientific reports/communication should ideally focus only on the data and results.Avoid including phrases which address the process of learning and not the science of the experiment. Check that a modifier phrase or the pronoun “it” actually refers to the intended subject.To avoid dangling modifiers and unclear antecedents, think about the subject.


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