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And if he was not being abused by his arenas, he would be ignored, and to escape this torture, he stays away from home for long periods of time. When they were driving back to the church, they see it burning probably from a cigarette they lit earlier.

He lives in constant fear of something bad happening to him even though he has his whole gang supporting him and preventing him from committing suicide In the middle of the book, Johnny tells Dally to stop harassing the Soc girls. Pony sees a group of children in the back of the church having a picnic and Johnny is determined to save them. This is a turning point in the story because we can see a change in Johnson behavior when he and Pony enter the church even though they knew that they were risking their lives.

Early on, we learn that Meursault receives a telegraph informing him that his mom died. Rather, it is the physical surroundings, of the heat, "dashing..., jolting..., [and] smell of petrol" (p. After all, he does admit to the lawyer that his "physical needs often distorted [his] feelings." (p.

Generally, a mother's death is an event that would be very significant for most people, but it does not matter to Meursault, at least not on a sentimental level. 65) Simply, he does not care that is mother is dead.

Meursault is an emotionally detached character, amoral, and honest.

Meursault shows emotional detachment when his mother passes away, during the trial and in his general narration. Oddly, to the reader, he does not express any remorse upon learning of his mother's death, nor does it have an impact on him.He realized that saving the kids would be better for everyone including himself and he shows his realization by saying, “Listen, I don’t mind dying now. It’s worth saving those kids,” reassuring Ponyboy that nothing was Ponyboy’s fault almost.Johnny knew saving those kids was a great choice that he does not have to regret because he knew is he died, he would die gallant.Dally stops and the girls thank Johnny for standing up for them. Throughout the story, Johnny does great acts of courage thus altering his personality.He starts to speak up for himself and people acknowledge him for doing so. Towards the resolution of the novel, while Johnny is lying helplessly on the bed while the Greasers and Soc battle, Johnny realizes how fast life can end, and that fighting is useless to solve a conflict. (Hilton, 148) This shows that he cares about Pony’s character and how he will affect the world once he dies. Johnny’s last words tells Pony to preserve his innocence and be open to the world.In the beginning of the story, Johnny is a sad little boy.Pony describes Johnny as “a little dark puppy that has been kicked too many times and is lost in a crowd of strangers… This quote shows how Johnny appears in the eyes of his gang members, but Johnny was not like this from the time he was born. Johnny is willing to do anything to save a friend’s life, which demonstrates his generosity and audacity.Secondly, Meursault's narration is limiting to his own thoughts and perceptions.As well, his descriptions of others lack an attempt to understand their views and feelings. 11) add a monotone and dull feeling to the reader which does not portray a very interesting character. Johnny Cade realized the good of life, learning from his past, and just accepting the things that have occurred to him.Johnny is a dynamic character because e starts off as a shy little boy to a confident and noble teenager.


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