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Please raise the bar - engage us intellectually and rigorously. From Eric Mills, Toronto: In his article, Nick Fillmore argues that CBC Radio One is emphasizing the touchy-feely and "trivial entertainment" over good journalism in many of its new programs this summer. From Judy Waytiuk, Words, Ink: As a one-time journalist with the CBC, later with private television, than as a veteran print journalist and freelancer, I beg you: please bring current affairs programming at Radio One back to its roots: intelligent incisive interviews on serious issues of the day, provocative documentaries about matters of genuine social significance (and no, methods for hair removal on personal body parts is not socially significant in any way).The proliferation of the personalized, self-obsessed storytelling flooding the summer airwaves is nauseating.The gosh of Suk Yin Lee and the rest of the story infotainment is like too much icing, too little cake. And I am a lefty educated in a crucible of progressive bla bla bla. (Think NPR and BBC.) Ideas still does a wonderful job. OK, I am old, but I have loved this type of content since my 20s and the shows I have mentioned are the ones that made me a permanent radio devotee.

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A very few of the calibre we had in the 60s and 70s are left.

I get that you may be trying to reach a 'younger' audience, but why assume that they have a taste for this new type of programme?

National programming is a nightmare of post-adolescent self-indulgence. Give us back the radio that helped knit a nation together.

From Isabel Hinther After suffering through the 'dumbing down' of CBC One over the years, I feel compelled to finally write in protest.

Local programming now utterly excludes anything remotely resembling current affairs...

I have found myself stabbing the buttons on my car radio of late, changing to a local all-news station that, while its hosts are braying idiots, at least attempts to cover local issues.There was a time when I turned on CBC first thing in the morning and it was on until I went to bed.I was always assured of interesting, intelligent shows, morning, afternoon and evening.I encourage you to respond creatively to there's criticisms (and mine) with µsuch better programming.From Hilary Mc Leod, Mississauga: I have been a lifelong consumer and proponent of CBC Radio.I don't mind change (in fact rather like it) - whether host, format or content. This Is That and The Irrelevant Show - well, I have never been able to warm up to either.But the drift towards coverage of the shallow and gossipy is beneath the CBC. With so many excellent comedy shows on CBC Radio (the Debaters, Laugh Out Loud, Because News for example), these two are just a disappointment. Please don't sell it short in an effort to sell it.I listen to the shortened summer version of Sunday Morning, praying for cogent intellectual discussion.I yearn for local radio programming that does not consist solely of weather and traffic reports, chatty, guffawing camaraderie about the hosts' personal lives, loud music, and a very occasional fluff interview or film review.However, I turn Q off the minute the 10 am news is over.Sleepover is a ridiculous premise for a show, as is Love Me.


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