Cause And Effect Of Road Accident Essay

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Driving in the daylight can be hazardous, but driving at night nearly doubles the risk of a car accident occurring.

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There will always come a time where you need to get over to another lane (i.e.

exit from a freeway, get in the correct lane to make a turn, etc.).

Here at our San Diego personal injury law offices we would like to help you understand the causes of car accidents, and therefore help you learn preventative measures for automobile accidents.

While some of these car accident causes may seem obvious and redundant to experienced drivers, this list aims to educate all levels of drivers, from the teenage driver who just got his license, to the senior driver with 40 years experience behind the wheel.

If you don’t drive carefully, and you may end up in a needless car accident.

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That’s what often happens to reckless drivers who speed, change lanes too quickly or tailgate before causing a car accident.

Reckless drivers are often impatient in traffic so be sure to take extra care around aggressive drivers. Car accidents happen very often in the rain because water creates slick and dangerous surfaces for cars, trucks, and motorcycles and often causes automobiles to spin out of control or skid while braking.

To avoid a car accident, drive extra careful when it rains.

To avoid a car accident, look both ways for oncoming cars as you approach a green light.

Stop signs should never be ignored, but when they are, serious car accidents are often the result.


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