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Quincy Jones, Edward Killingsworth, and Ralph Rapson to design and build inexpensive and efficient model homes for the United States residential housing boom caused by the end of World War II and the return of millions of soldiers.The program ran intermittently from 1945 until 1966.

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But they can be found, and thanks to the internet your search no longer needs to be limited to nearby libraries.

In fact, many world-renowned libraries and magazines are now working to digitize important parts of their collection, while a number of online organizations have sprung up with missions to improve access to information.

The initiative by John Entenza, editor of Arts & Architecture magazine, brought a team to Los Angeles that featured some of the biggest names in architecture at the time, including Richard Neutra, Charles & Ray Eames, Pierre Koenig, and Eero Saarinen, among others.

The program's experiment not only defined the modern home and set it apart from its predecessors, but it also pioneered new construction materials and methods in residential development that continue to influence international architecture to this day.

Between 19, the Case Study Houses program, following the Weißenhof-siedlung exposition, commissioned a study of economic, easy-to-build houses.

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The study included the creation of 36 prototypes that were to be built leading up to post-war residential development.MIT Press began publishing journals in 1970 with the first volumes of Linguistic Inquiry and the Journal of Interdisciplinary History.Today we publish over 30 titles in the arts and humanities, social sciences, and science and technology.As A Quincy Jones rightly said, “There’s no unimportant architecture”.[1] The late architect worked alongside his colleague, Frederick E.Emmons, putting their hearts and souls into the design of Case Study House #24, but sadly it was never built.One of modernism’s most iconic houses, Case Study House 21 (Bailey House) by Pierre Koenig, is now on sale.The two-bed/two-bath Hollywood Hills landmark has been touted as among the finest of Arts & Architecture Magazine’s Case Study Houses, and one of the program’s few truly experimental projects to explore groundbreaking design and materials.—forms one of five Bluff houses, standing high above the ocean.The brief was to create a low-budget home for a young family, with just two bedrooms, but offering the possibility of expansion as time went by (which did in fact transpire; additional Neutra-designed wings were later built).His motivation, however, was more specific than a desire to extend the living area of a small house.Rather, he wanted to create a highly personal space, geared to the passion of his hypothetical client.


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