Careers In Problem Solving

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If you’re more interested in fashion and beauty, beauty therapy, fashion buying or make-up might suit you better.

Other creative opportunities could also involve copywriting or editing.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, 2012) reports that “Today’s workplaces demand people who can solve non-routine problems.

Looking for work, but don’t know what job suits you?

We can help with that…With a range of roles on offer in a wide variety of different sectors, choosing the right one for you can often feel like a difficult decision to make.

To help find your perfect match, here are six different personality types, and the careers which suit them best: If creativity is your main strength, a job that allows you to implement new ideas and make use of your resourcefulness is vital to ensuring you’re happy and fulfilled at work.14 of the top 20 roles problem-solving occupations cited by O*NET are in STEM, including mathematicians, healthcare professionals, engineers and physicists.Through online profiles, the Problem-Solving Initiative will bring these occupations to life, as STEM professionals share their passion for problem solving and give examples of how problem solving is at the core of their careers.Attention to detail will prove extremely useful when interpreting and analysing financial data for clients.As an analytical thinker, you might prefer working independently and being able to spend time poring over problems—these are both key elements of being an accountant.A love of structure and systems is valuable in this role—you’ll be responsible for introducing new processes, plus reworking existing methods to make them more efficient.Courses to get you started: Analytical brains often go hand in hand with a love of facts and figures, making them a natural fit for accounting. As an analytical thinker, your skills are invaluable in the workplace—your ability to deal with complex issues can lead to better processes and business outcomes.Analytical thinkers can often find success in several fields, but here are five particular roles that could suit this personality trait to a T.Courses to get you started: Researching legal matters, preparing contracts and legal documentation—these are some of the administrative and clerical duties a legal secretary performs for a law firm.The role would put an analytical thinker’s key skills to good use as it takes the ability to work with copious amounts of information each day, plus great attention to detail.


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