Canvas Business Plan

To make a Business Model Canvas, the easiest way to start is by filling out what you do.This helps keep the focus on your main goal as you fill out the other building blocks of the canvas.

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High level Start by mapping out the business on a high level: only the most important, vital aspects of the business model.

Link up the building blocks: every value proposition needs a customer segment and a revenue stream! If you have multiple customer segments it is best to pick a color for each segments in the post it notes you use.

Using this canvas will lead to insights about the customers you serve, what value propositions are offered through what channels, and how your company makes money.

You can use the business model canvas to understand your own business model or that of a competitor!

From there you can build on that goal and see how it can be achieved by adding details about the other activities and resources you have.

Start from a blank canvas and add notes with keywords to each building block of the canvas.

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Lean Canvas is a 1-page business plan template created by Ash Maurya that helps you deconstruct your idea into its key assumptions.

Existing programmes can develop new initiatives and identify opportunities while becoming more efficient by illustrating potential trade-offs and aligning activities.

New programmes can use it to plan and work out how to make their offering real.


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