Can You Ask A Question In A Thesis Statement

You can suggest a new system that is acceptable to many and is very specific to the assignment to make a stronger thesis.The good thing of having a specific education thesis is that you will provide only the information that your readers need and they can easily understand your stand and your essay.A good thesis should include two parts: Your essay should contain information that is added in specific sections or parts.

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It will direct you in all direction of the paper depending on the topic you want to write about.

However, if the topic is decided for you already, then you should ignore this part.

During brainstorming, you should be able to list down all the evidence and determine if it is sufficient to develop an essay.

For instance, you are working on what you think about the Education law and what can be done to work better.

A prompt is a question assigned by your teacher or decided by you.

It includes question or problem surrounding a certain field, and since you are the essayist you are assigned with answering that question or problem thru your thesis statement.

The introduction and conclusion have a fixed spot, but other parts don't have.

For instance the counterargument part, it may be added within a paragraph, as a part of the beginning, before the essay ends or as a free-standing section.

A strong thesis statement is not just an opinion about your topic.

There should be enough evidence to support your claim so you can offer it as a fact.


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