Can English Be Dethroned Essay

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Despite of the usefulness of the spread of English language, I believe it has some negative aspects on both learners and native speakers. When it comes to English learners, learning any language is fairly challenging [6].

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Furthermore, it plays a vital role in the cultural exchange by translating other cultures’ books to English as there are considerable numbers of English users who can benefit from these translations.

English language also has its significant role in individuals’ lives which I will discuss through my experience.

For me, I can say I started learning real English since five years only and the other nine years were nothing but a waste of time because learning any language requires an extra personal effort in mastering it rather than the knowledge we get from school.

As a result, the learning process is long as well as frustrating.

Another disadvantage for the next English native generation is that they face the threat of ending up of having only one language while the whole world is forced to learn English in combination with their own mother tongue language which will have its cultural political and economical threat on them [9].

Although mastering English is of major importance, people shouldn’t neglect mastering their own mother tongue language in order to maintain their identity and distinguishing themselves from other nations and cultures. Therefore, even young ones are putting efforts to study and learn the English language for them to be able to qualify and be part of a university that could widen their chances to have a better career in the future.Overall, the English language binds the world together and it will continuously provide the world with many advantages.The ubiquitous usage of English as the nationwide language is continuously out shadowing its drawbacks.I completely agree with this notion because the English language has brought a variety of benefits in the world.In addition, it caused a cultural conflict for non-native speakers as many of them started losing the strength of their mother tongue language because of the extensive use of English language [7]. As an example, in the Arab world we now have what is called the Arabizi generation. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. story=20080919100258584 on [6] The Language Chronicle. Arabizi is a word that is used to describe the mixture use of both Arabic and English languages which was caused by the general interest of mastering English by Arabic native speakers [8]. This trend of mixing Arabic and English resulted in weaken the hegemony of Arabic language especially with children which led to an issue of identity for them.


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