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I spoke no English, had a haircut that was supposed to look like Dorothy Hamill’s (for those born after 1980, think of an inverted bowl) but made me look like a dark-haired, androgynous Luke Skywalker, and wore clothes that were entirely out of sync with what the fashionable fourth graders were wearing in San Francisco in the winter of 1978.

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First, let me tell you what you already know: start the essay early. I don’t have to tell you what’s at stake, because you already know that too.

Ask people you trust (parents, teachers, friends) for feedback.

They may relate to your experiences, or they may not.

The important thing is that you dig deep and delve into the details that make your story yours.

You might be an ordinary-looking rising senior from the suburbs of Cleveland, but that’s not a handicap if you find what’s yours, and what’s extraordinary, about being an ordinary-looking rising senior from your particular family, at your particular school, in your particular suburb, in your particular room, in your particular house, with your particular stuff piled in the corner.

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An essay takes off when you finally nail down -- after a lot of hair-pulling and deleted drafts and storming away from the computer and then coming back to it on fire with a new idea or image -- why your topic matters to you. in Comparative Literature from UCLA, and is fascinated by stories in all their incarnations -- everything from the mammoth 19th century novels to blogs to short stories -- but particularly by the first-person essay form. D.: Women Write about Motherhood and Academic Life, the j.Write what you know, no matter how humble or unspectacular-seeming.You may find in so doing that the qualities you’re seeking to communicate in the essay (persistence, creativity, talent, passion, humor, kindness, curiosity) will announce themselves without fanfare between the lines. It may seem like it has nothing to do with college essays, but bear with me. When I was nine, my parents packed the sum of our belongings (the ones that hadn’t been sold or given away) into four suitcases and joined the exodus of Russian Jews fleeing the Soviet Union in the late 1970s for the promise of a better life in the United States.The death drop is done by clambering into a sitting position on top of a bar at least five feet off the ground, with the bar squeezed directly behind your knees.You keep your legs bent around the bar and fall backwards.Watterson stopped drawing Calvin and Hobbes at the end of 1995 with a short statement to newspaper editors and his readers that he felt he had achieved all he could in the medium. His parents encouraged him in his artistic pursuits.Watterson is known for his negative views on licensing and comic syndication, his efforts to expand and elevate the newspaper comic as an art-form, and his move back into private life after he stopped drawing Calvin and Hobbes. Later, they recalled him as a "conservative child" — imaginative, but "not in a fantasy way", and certainly nothing like the character of Calvin that he later created.And you probably also know that starting what Anne Lamott calls the “#$%*& first draft” is hard too, and so is revising that @#$&* first draft. Thousands of people have already written about this topic.” Thousands of people probably written about this topic, and thousands more probably will.That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it; it means try not to listen to the Greek chorus of prohibition and foreboding in your head. There are no new stories under the sun, but there are new ways of telling them.In spite of what I believed when I was nine, I was not the only miserable immigrant girl with a bad haircut to have walked the earth and not the only person brave (and stupid) enough to fall backwards from a bar, but my particular experience -- where we lived, what we ate, what was in the suitcases we brought with us, what we talked about, what I wore -- was mine alone.Your life does not have to be full of incident to be remarkable, and college admissions officers are not admitting only students who score high on the adventure meter.


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