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In truth, the main point of differentiation tends to be user interface.

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As a travel manager, your travelling employee’s success on the road is directly connected to how well you prepare them for everything on their plate.

With that in mind, planning their trip with the goal of keeping your business traveler as productive and stress-free as possible requires carefully considered, clever planning.

Whereas planning a vacation can be part of the fun, planning a business trip is more likely to be stressful and time consuming. If the average worker spends an hour on trip planning, booking, and expense claims, that means they'll devote more than 20 million collective days to managing their travel.

The Global Business Travel Association estimates that the number of U. That's 57,000 years (give or take a century) attending to business travel instead of to their actual business.

And when you’re done, create not only electronic copies, but also hard copies.

This cuts out any possibility that a dead smartphone or absence of internet throws your traveler off.After all, there are lots of variables to keep in mind, details to comb through, reservations to create and schedules to align.And even after all that is done, you still have to contend with the possibility of problems popping up while your traveler is on the move.In some cases, it might be worthwhile to also visit the website of particular airline or hotel - for instance, if you're flying out of an airport served by Southwest (which does not list its flights on other sites), or if you belong to the hotel loyalty program that offers perks for booking direct.appealing than a stack of expense reports to complete.Here are four small changes you can make to your travel routine that will add up to big time savings.It might seem counterintuitive that the way to simplify your travel planning is by adding a step, but knowing what's in your company's travel policy prevents the time-consuming headache of unapproved expenses.As such, a set of templates and checklists will do wonders to prevent mistakes and oversights from occurring. It’s a single document that include all of the employee’s home and professional contact information along with standard details like name, title, ID number, etc.Additional items like airline and hotel preferences, meal requests and passport details will all make this document much stronger.Avoid the end-of-month reimbursement log jam by beginning your expense report at the time of booking.Start with your plane ticket, hotel reservation, and other prepaid purchases.


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