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He was able to get five customers, which ended up being 0 per week and 0 per monthwhich is crazy for only working a few hours per week and being 12 years old.

The people who make the decision to bring their children to your center are your target market, but so are the kids themselves.

Outline each group’s demographic characteristics to help identify who is most likely to use your center.

For instance, to increase the number of kids who visit your facility, describe how you plan to mail promotional postcards that feature a two-for-one entry price to families in specific neighborhoods.

Describe how your website and social media networking strategies will help you reach even more parents interested in bringing their child to your center, such as by encouraging customers to share photos of their kids playing at your facility.

Filling your recreation center with fun-loving kids who love your facility’s games, events and activities makes a marketing plan a valuable tool.

You may want to use your plan as a standalone document to attract parents and children to your center, or add it to your overall business plan.You may prefer to set a sales goal, such as “Increase sales by 15 percent during the next 12 months.” Successfully introducing and attracting customers to new recreational opportunities, such as updated games or announcing the availability of your facility for private children’s parties, is another potential goal.Explain how you plan to use digital and traditional promotional strategies to reach your goals.There’s a kid in my neighborhood who’s going into 8th grade this upcoming school year, and last year he started mowing lawns.He’d charge per lawn, per week, and the lawns in my neighborhood probably take about 30 minutes each to mow.So when they were around 10, I helped them create flyers to pass out in the neighborhood.The flyers included a bit of information about each of them and that they were available for pet-sitting, pet cleanup in the yard, or even available to help give pets a bath by bringing over their own soap and brushes.Flipping candies allowed me to make to and that was a considerable amount of money for an 11-year-old.The best business I’ve seen actually run by a kid is mowing lawns.For instance, outline the ages and income level of the parents and grandparents.Document the age and interests of the children, too.


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