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Occasions is established as a sole proprietorship with the intention of selling the business when it is established to one of the employees invested in the vision of event planning.All aspects of the business will be documented to ensure clients can count on the same results every time.If you are doing professional events, we recommend you look into event insurance.

Occasions are, in part, the answer to demands of the social world, on the working family, heavily-burdened office, out-of-town business, or special occasion in need of special recognition.

As a business, we understand the needs of public and private organizations.

Occasions’ staffs of four, with numerous contract vendors, plans events, write event-planning products, and trains area students in the art of event planning.

Occasions will be invested in the community it resides in.

It is these documents that will become the basis of ownership.

The sole proprietor will use his or her name as the guarantor of each service.

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Reaching out to local vendors and venues is the best place to start.

Equally important is to find every local charity and fundraiser event in your local area and attend those. Often times these events are open to the public and you can find good networking opportunities with other planners and potential clients at these events.


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