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Regus and similar companies guarantee a backup space even in the case of a major storm like Sandy. Be sure to consider what your employees may need in the event of an emergency.

“Even if the closest option is not functional, there are a variety of other options,” says Dan Perrin, senior director of workplace recovery at Regus, which has 1,200 temporary workplace locations worldwide. For instance, every employee at App Launch has a company credit card with $500 available.

It was a stark reminder of how everything can change overnight.

Careful planning can help you minimize losses and emerge relatively unscathed from a disaster.

SCORE is here to help small businesses be better prepared for unplanned business interruptions.

We offer a variety of free resources crafted by our experts and partners to help your business prepare for natural disasters and build a more resilient community.These cards are “not for hospitality but for getting to and from work and staying safe in an emergency,” Maddern says.In addition, he and his management staff checked in regularly with their employees throughout the aftermath of Sandy.“Leaders must be appointed and they must be trained and retrained regularly on how to implement the emergency plans [for the specific crisis] under their responsibility.” 4. Develop several ways to alert employees of an emergency, Lewis says.For instance, you may use email blasts, text blasts and voice broadcasting, which allows you to simultaneously send a voice message to everyone's office phone and cell phone.Here are seven steps that can help you develop an emergency plan and ensure that your business is as prepared as possible for the next calamity.Related: NYC Entrepreneurs Stand Up to Hurricane Sandy 1. “The simplest way to perform a readiness test is to stay home,” says Ken Menken, CEO of Capalon Communications, a Maryland-based provider of IT and communications services to small businesses.But because Oswald was properly insured, his insurance claim was processed before the governor even landed to declare a state of emergency. FEMA offers a small business disaster preparedness website with tips, guides and checklists.Since then, Oswald has rebuilt and increased the square footage of his facility by 66 percent. You don’t know what street you’re on or what you’re looking at because you don’t have any landmarks or anything in your memory that tells you where you’re at. But two days after the tornado, I had a check in my hand.” Then there were the hurricanes in 2017, which destroyed homes and businesses in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and the U. “We had one developer staying at another's house, and my place was on offer if anybody needed it,” he says.“It was important to simply stay in touch and look after each other.


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