Bush Cartoon Essay Years

Bush Cartoon Essay Years-71
Two very different characters, but they are both very compelling to draw.

At that point I apply the ink to the cartoon, which can take three hours because I’m using very fine cross-hatching and hundred-year-old pen nibs. I spend an entire day, from 9am to 4am, working on my contribution to that week’s issue. When you work for an American metropolitan daily newspaper your audience is much more focused on the events within 50 miles of where they live.

They said that they liked them, and wanted me to come back for a one-day trial.

The night before the trial we had basketball practice until 10pm. So the fastest we ran all night was between the gym and the pub to get a couple pints in before it closed.

I asked my teammates if they could fill me in on British politics because I was going to be visiting in the morning. That evening, the anchors were interviewing then-Chancellor of the Exchequer, Denis Healey. He had a round tomato face, eyebrows that went to the ceiling and bunny-rabbit teeth. I do a freestanding editorial cartoon near the front of the magazine that is normally drawn in black and white.

And then I do an illustration for the Lexington column at the end of the United States section.


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