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It seems th Brian Doyle’s Leaping: Revelation and Epiphanies is a delightful book full of stories of everyday miracles and metaphorical prayers.

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Likewise, my feelings about Christ are somewhat different than his, so several of his essays on the Savior did not resonate with me (though I did like "Christ's Elbows").

I do highly recommend Brian Doyle's work, but I'm not sure this is the best collection to start with.

In addition to the must-reads below, I also particularly enjoyed the essays "Glory Bee" and "The Sudden Flight of Mrs.

Wilhemina Kettell, in Summer." Leap - a powerful, tearful tribute to the victims of the Sept 11 attacks The Anchoviad - a fun and thoughtful pondering on anchovies and children Kaddish - a memorial to those who died in the World Trade Center, a memorial that I did not expect to be as moving as it is Why Write?

I am happy that I got to hear him speak in person and got to meet him, but very sad to learn of his recent passing away. A compilation of various short stories about his home, his family, and his outlook on life. My favorite being leap, a prayer for pete, eating dirt, and to remember is to pray.

Brian Doyle is a fantastic creative nonfiction writer. Brian Doyle’s Leaping: Revelation and Epiphanies is a delightful book full of stories of everyday miracles and metaphorical prayers.It is my wish that, as I become more able to recognize these things, that I will be able to capture their essence in a form of writing even a fraction as lovely and as powerful as Brian Doyle’s.His gift of writing is in itself a miracle and is worth taking note of.Since Brian's death this year, I am attempting to read all of his writing. I was reading out loud to hubby while we were waiting to receive the news about my brain scan.I'm not sure if neuro-surgeons are used to hearing laughter coming from their exam rooms, but they would be if more folks read Doyle there!Love Brian Doyle's intelligent, heartfelt, spiritual, honest writing.He has such a way with words and meaning that you must stop and think, relate, and feel as you read through his essays.The essays that inspire are compelling because you have felt the same as the author.Those that fail to draw me in are no less artful or honest, they merely speak of things with w There are several must-read essays in this collection, and I've added links to online versions of these at the bottom, in order of recommendation.Admittedly, this was not a cover-to-cover read, but a dip here and there into the book in preparation to go meet the author.Brian Doyle is an excellent essayist, primarily of spiritual subjects, though always approached in an earthy way.


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