Books For Critical Thinking

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In short, books who make you actively react to or reflect on their content and therefore they add value to your thinking and life in general.« The good you get out of reading will depend entirely on how you allow it to affect you.

If every book you read suggests more problems, gives you worthwhile questions and topics to think about in spare moments, enriches your intellectual life and stimulates your thought, it is performing its proper function.

This suspicion should also be recorded in the form of a question.

Often again, while reading, a problem connected with the subject will occur to you which the author has not even considered. »« And in thinking for yourself you should not make the author’s remarks the basis of your thinking.

-If your thinking disagrees with that of the author you will have an opportunity to correct him — or be corrected.

In either case, your opinion will rest on firmer grounds.

» ~ HENRY HAZLITT.« When reading a book you will often come across a statement, perhaps an entire chapter, with which you disagree.

This disagreement should be recorded in the form of a question; as for instance, “Is such and such the case?

But if you read solely to answer problems you cannot answer for yourself, if every time you are puzzled about anything you run to a book to have it explained, and accept without question the explanation there given; in short, if you use your reading to save yourself from thinking, you had better stop reading altogether. »I`ve always considered reading the book from cover to cover as one of my duties towards the writer and the book.

That resulted in me getting to a part of the book I don`t enjoy much or aren`t interested in and consequently, I start postponing the reading of that book because of how that part is boring me.


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