Book Report Projects For 2nd Graders

The students added the title to the cover – “Taking the photos and inserting them into the book was quite a bit to do for one 40 minute lab.

After reading a post from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano called Finally!

A Book Creator App, that described how easy the app was to use, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Each fall our second graders create a family heritage project to share with their special visitors on Grandparents’ Day.

With help from parents, the children write a narrative about their family history.

This had become one of my least favorite projects because it was so time-consuming.

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However, I knew not doing it wasn’t an option because the grandparents absolutely LOVED it! Now that the app has the ability to save as video, it became the perfect solution.They bring in photos of family members, sometime from several generations back!Over the years, we’ve used a variety of online applications to record a video but it’s always been more of a teacher-created project.Our students have been making all kinds of e Pub books ever since!What is so exciting about Book Creator is that the developers are constantly working on updates that make a powerful app even more amazing.Once all children had been recorded, I saved each book to Google Drive so that they could be linked on my website and shared with our families.I’ve written a guide to sharing Book Creator creations on my blog. These were added to our FTP server and linked as well. The students had a bit more work to do before sharing on Grandparents’ Day.The next step was to insert the photos into the app.To best show off the photographs, we chose the landscape book.The students worked through each page; some added color while others preferred leaving a white background.Your first book Customising your pages Once everyone reached the final photo page, we added one additional page – the conclusion.


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