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Although Ms Griffiths was unsuccessful in her case, the Court of Appeal ruled that there is a duty to extend triggers as far as is reasonable (Yeardley, 2016).However, at the author’s place of work, the local HR policy (2014) states that: “Occupational health cannot advise that the attendance policy is modified [such as trigger points or process].” In the author’s opinion, this policy should be reviewed, as it would be justifiable for OH to suggest that absence trigger points are adjusted in some cases.Individuals with bipolar disorder tend to have a higher rate of absenteeism than those without the condition (Bowden, 2005).

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This was clarified in a recent case brought before the Court of Appeal, Griffiths v the Secretary of State for Work & Pensions (2015).However, it is important to first identify all the factors that may be contributing to absence from work.Brown, Palmer & Hobson (2013) propose that diagnosis alone provides little information about fitness for work, as it does not take into account the individual’s experience.Dame Carol Black’s 2008 report, “Working for a healthier tomorrow”, urges that we change the perception that people should not be at work unless they are 100% fit.The report also advocates removing the stigma around ill health and disability, to enable people with health conditions to find and stay in work, stating that this is particularly important in the case of mental health conditions.The role of OH is examined in undertaking assessment and providing recommendations, while being alert to the issues of patient confidentiality. He lives with his long-term girlfriend and has a son from a previous relationship, who is in his 20s.Daniel is an ex-army soldier and left the military 22 years ago. The current issues are: A number of reports and pieces of legislation have influenced current thinking and the development of policies to manage attendance.The median annual absence cost per employee is £554 (CIPD, 2015) and the cost to the UK economy is £17 billion annually (Acas, 2014).Some of these costs are associated with mental health-related absences.Occupational health professionals have a role in managing bipolar disorder and work attendance.Catherine Carr explains how psychological flags can help in suggesting workplace adjustments for staff.


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