Best Nursing Entrance Essays

Navigating the Admissions process for Nursing School takes time, skills and perseverance.

The biggest mistake people make when it comes time to apply to nursing school is talking about applying to nursing school – as in “I should really work on getting my application for nursing school together” – instead of actually doing it.

And answer the question they ask; don’t just send the same bland essay to every program you apply for.

Admissions Tests – Like it or not, standardized tests are still the way more nursing school week out applications.

In general, your nursing school application is going to require basics like: High school and college transcripts – Self-explanatory.

Call your high school or college registrar and get your transcripts.

You’ve already shown that you can handle upper-level work, you’ve got all of your general education out of the way, and you can bring insights from outside of nursing that enrich your experience and the program.

Every nursing school has its own basic requirements for applying, and it’s absolutely essential that you make sure that you’re doing the right process for the right school.

Make sure it’s someone who has seen you at your best and can give specifics about your performance in class or on the job.

Vague, boilerplate recommendations that don’t say anything specific about you are as bad as no recommendation at all.


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