Benefits Of Technology Essay

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Students use the Internet for researching and making friends, businessmen use it for doing business and relaxing, housewives use it for shopping online, travelers use it for booking rooms and taking map, others use it for updating new information and doing transaction online.

It cannot be imagined how the world would be without Internet.

Even an innocent child can access information easily, which can affect his behavior.

What will happen if wrong data is organized for a wrong purpose, leading to an increase in in misunderstanding which may effect behavior, a decision or an outcome?

Consequently, a big danger may happen to our society.

From personal experience, I‘m in favor of what benefits new technology brings to us.Just with a mobile phone, a laptop or a desk computer connected with the Internet, we can access the world without stepping out of home.Looking at the other side of the argument, modern technology is considered to become harmful to our society.In conclusion, everything is two-sided, not only new technology.Obviously, we cannot deny the benefits that new technology brings to the world.To start with, the dramatic development of technology in media may play a critical role in fading away local cultures.It seems easy to find materials illustrating the backgrounds of other countries such as movies and dramas, which in turn, making people expose to other cultures.It’s a good idea to absorb what to be read and heard efficiently and quickly.Anyway, it’s important to learn how to balance our life, spend more time staying out and meeting people instead of staying online all the time.If someone asks me whether it becomes a danger or not, I think the outcome is upon the way it is used.Last but not late, if I were you, I would use new technology smartly enough. No one would deny that the advancement of technology have immensely changed the way of people’s lives, including traditional customs.


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