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In 2016, a second-grade teacher in Texas delighted her students—and at least some of their parents—by announcing she would no longer assign homework.“Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance,” she explained.More homework doesn’t always have the result the people who give it expect.

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The following year, the superintendent of a Florida school district serving 42,000 students eliminated homework for all elementary students and replaced it with twenty minutes of nightly reading, saying she was basing her decision on “solid research about what works best in improving academic achievement in students.” Many other elementary schools seem to have quietly adopted similar policies.

Critics have objected that even if homework doesn’t increase grades or test scores, it has other benefits, like fostering good study habits and providing parents with a window into what kids are doing in school.

A parent has a busy schedule until their child catches up with them.

Being able to form a different schedule around each other can be stressful.

There’s no secret that the education system is very competitive.

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Like the child’s first steps or first utterance of the words momma or dadda, a child’s first day of school is a life changing event.

A homework assignment could require students to answer questions about what was covered in class that day without consulting their notes.

Research has found that retrieval practice and similar learning strategies are far more powerful than simply rereading or reviewing material.

Parents get wrapped up in the routine and it doesn’t take long for them to accept that as normal.

Within it are daily studies that the student takes home to complete for a grade and now the pressure is on to do well.


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