Bell Hooks Essay Eating The Other

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One of the most important and highlighted examples she wrote was having sexual intercourse with “the other”.She said that this experience makes the white person feel more in touch with the world.

One of the most important and highlighted examples she wrote was having sexual intercourse with “the other”.

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The reason is simply because the encounter is unusual.

To elaborate, Hooks said that the primitive race is more sensual.

For a specific example, a film, TV show, piece of theatre, or some other work of art may be marketed to the world as being something wonderful and new because it was created by a minority/person of color, who has given the medium new "spice," new insight with their voice.

However, with straight white people in charge (as they often are), that voice is often changed and made less radical or less specific to a cultural narrative in order to pander to more white people.

There’s more drama when you experience another race.

Because of this, we see how that idea is integrated into media. People are curious of the other and are interested into finding out what it’s like being part of “the other”.

Difference of race is often promoted in order to sell something, but the difference that has been promoted is often erased so that the white people who supposedly wanted said difference will enjoy and consume it.

In this sense, the Other and their voice have become a commodity for white people to use as they please.

This is what makes their integration into media and in a way, becoming a commodity, successful.

Even the experience of having sex with another race can be something that is turned into a commodity.


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