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To justify length and shape of beetroot, the beetroot shape will be cylindrical because a large surface area to volume ratio would provide more cells exposed to the ethanol.The smaller the length the larger the surface area, however if the beetroot was too small then not enough pigment would be left to analysis.

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From this experiment the cell membrane from the beetroot would show how much ethanol would affect it's cell membrane and the level of damage at what concentration or ratio with distilled water.

From the results it would give scientist predictions of the effect of ethanol on a persons stomach or digestive lining.

Therefore knowing these effects would help provide a wider knowledge of alcohol on the body's cell membranes and perhaps how to overcome the dangers of drinking.

Preliminary Apparatus: * Beetroot * Corer * Ceramic tile * Scalpel * Tweezers * 10 Test tubes * 10 Boiling tubes * Test tube and boiling tube racks * Measuring cylinder 25cm3 * Colourimeter * Cuvettes * Pipette Preliminary Method: * Using a corer, cut strips of beetroot with the corers at 8mm and ..more.

The cell transports ions and small molecules across their membranes by the following means: Osmosis: By osmosis the diffusion of water through the plasma membrane is possible.

Since the lipids bilayers are impermeable to essential molecules and also to a few small molecules like oxygen and carbon dioxide, these molecules and ions diffuse freely across the cell membrane. Middle This previous testing provided a basis for a method and suitable equipment that may have been needed for the preliminary and final experiment.

But by increasing the concentrations of the ethanol beyond a certain point it may have no affect on the cell membrane because the ethanol would have broken down the cell membrane completely.

This is because of the effect of ethanol on the lipids in the membrane.

For the preliminary work, a similar experiment will be investigating the effects of ethanol on the cell membrane of the beetroot instead of temperature.

After completing the temperature investigation, a suitable prediction could be presented by employing the results.


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