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Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 25 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like Original Thinking and the Rejection of Regulation and Connections between Nash’s Thought Processes, His Genius and His Mental Health.Plot Summary John Nash is born and raised in Bluefield, West Virginia.The relationship is brief and furtive but is also the first time he experiences reciprocity, helping him move out of his emotional isolation.

As Nash lingers in obscurity, his work becomes more and more recognized as it is picked up by a new generation of economists.

Eventually, he receives the Nobel Prize for this work.

Intending to become an engineer like his father, Nash secures a scholarship to study at the Carnegie Institute of Technology.

After a year, he abandons engineering to major in mathematics.

After several years of struggling with Nash’s condition, Alicia divorces him and he is left confused and delusional, wandering around Princeton campus writing incomprehensible messages on blackboards.

New students call him “the Phantom” because of his gaunt, disheveled appearance.

Although arrogant, he is socially-inept and spends most of his time making efforts to discover some new innovative equation in mathematics. Schizophrenia: Nutrition and Alternative Treatment Approaches. John's passion was for mathematics, and not for normative, healthy social interaction with peers and family.

As the film progresses, about half way, Nash begins developing signs of schizophrenia as the audience sees half of the situations and places were actually only illusions. His home life was moderately stable, but the marital issues his……

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