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That little conversation led to a deal to supply three flavors of their bagels in about 500 stores in the New York City area.

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Elyse was six months pregnant and had quit her job to focus on growing Bantam Bagels.

With a baby on the way, they decided Nick should stick with his 9-to-5, but that all changed after inventor/investor/QVC Queen Lori Grenier offered the pair $275,000 in exchange for 25 percent of the company.

At that point, they put together a business plan and started searching for the ideal spot for what would become their Bleecker Street store.

"People asked us why we'd start with retail, but to us, there's no better way to see if this has legs than to test it in this market," Nick explained.

All throughout the week, Nick would brainstorm business ideas, pitching them to Elyse, but nothing ever stuck until the day he woke up dreaming about bagels the size of donut holes, stuffed with cream cheese.

It was the sort of simple, brilliant idea that made them wonder why it didn't exist already—and what it'd take to create it themselves.That next night, they got to work, whipping up their first test batch."We had to Google, 'how to make bagels' that first night, because we didn't know," Nick said.Fact.) and constant foot traffic, yet so narrow you could practically stretch your arms and touch both walls.It was close quarters, and there wasn't much oven space, but the pair realized that if they cranking out bagel balls for 24 hours a day that entire week, they might just manage it.Every night, after work, the pair would test out different bagel recipes in their Brooklyn kitchen, making use of every square inch of available space, which often meant using their laundry room as a space to let the dough sit before baking.Finally, they came up with a recipe they loved, so they started making bigger batches, testing them on friends, relatives and coworkers, until they came up with the mix people raved about well after they'd finished snacking.In the meantime, the duo had found a co-packing plant in Brooklyn that could help them bake and stuff bagels on a larger scale, jumping from a couple thousand bagels a day to 1 million baked each week.The Starbucks partnership proved so successful that the coffee chain expanded its deal to serve the flavors in stores nationwide. It's a lofty goal—particularly with all of the layers of buyers, brokers, distributers and suppliers—but the couple's up for the challenge.Nick and Elyse Oleksak hadn't turned off their oven in days.It'd been running nonstop—just as they were—to fill an off-the-charts order from QVC.


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