Autobiography Of An Ex Colored Man Essay

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The narrator also chooses to withhold the name of the small Georgia town where his narrative begins, as there are still living residents of the town who might be able to connect him to the narrative.Throughout the novel, the adult narrator from the frame interjects into the text to offer reflective commentary into the events of the narrative.

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This essay examines the production of a dynamic “Old Negro” figure in African American discourse during the New Negro Renaissance.

Conflicting impulses to claim the Old Negro as an ancestor and to renounce him as an obstacle to racial progress mirrored a broader tension about representing slavery in black cultural production.

While Johnson’s ex–colored man fails to reclaim this figure, Johnson himself did exactly that in his 1917 adaptation of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s (1852), an operatic cantata that until now has never been examined.

In this text, Johnson incorporates and evolves the Old Negro into a contemporary literary tradition that challenges the racial violence of Jim Crow and celebrates black survival.

And the artisans, skilled workers, and black professionals class included blacks who had little interaction with the whites.

Many white readers, who viewed all blacks as a stereotype of a single class, were unfamiliar with class distinctions described among blacks.

The Ex-Colored Man believed the desperate class consists of poor blacks who loathe the whites.

The domestic worker class comprises blacks who work as servants to whites.

The white gentleman hired him to play ragtime piano for guests at parties.

Soon the Ex-Colored Man spent most of his time working for the white gentleman, who paid him to play ragtime music for hours at a time.


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