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Without this initiative, you probably will spend too much time waiting for others to put your plans into action. This human element often is critical when dealing with others for the first time.

Can you maintain smooth relationships and mediate difficulties among others?

This is something you must determine before you accept the assignment," he says.

Do you have the sense that you control your future?

The company failed to determine if the manages had the right personalities for the particular assignments. At home, he was a modest, hard-working manager who made friends easily. technical experts are respected and treated in a formal manner.

But as the new technical expert for a production plant in Indonesia, it didn't take long for problems to develop. In return, the experts are expected to solve production problems as they arise.

Tucker, an industrial psychologist, has developed what he calls the "14 predictors of success on foreign assignment." Each predictor covers an area where a manager's personality can make the difference between success and failure. "Although the dollar loss incurred by (poorly chosen U. managers working abroad) is hidden, the detriment to the efficiency of overseas operations, as well as the personal anguish suffered by the employees and their families, makes this a very serious problem," says Mr. What do you expect life and work to be like in the new location?

"Many companies mistakenly select people to go overseas using the same criteria they would use for domestic positions, instead of using a systematic approach to find out who will do well in a certain country and who won't," says Mr. For example, an aggressive manager may succeed in Germany, where business assertiveness is valued, but he will find great resistance among fellow managers in Mexico or China, where personal relationships are developed before business is discussed, Mr. What are the likely difficulties and possible benefits?

People who have positive expectations, but are unrealistic about the challenges, probably won't succeed.

If you expect to do well and have a history of doing well in similar assignments, your chances for success improve greatly.


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