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It's just that I literally have no information as to what we have to include, not even what sections we need. I know it may be a bit cheeky to ask this, but I'm getting desperate! -Were there any problems/ difficultues and how did you overcome these? For example, I jumped is correct with the '-ed', however they may say I thinked; as they would not know this irregular verb. Not that I have any idea what theory I would include.... It may not be all you need to include but I hope it's a start. Look for irregularities too - it is a key thing for child lang. because this is where you can really tell that they are still learning. I thought I had 2 pretty good ideas, and all the guys on here helped me research it and stuff. Also, think about starting with the basics and then add the more complicated stuff in later; this will help you to plan and organise your work.

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Nursing deals not only with a person's biological needs, but their psycho-social and cultural needs as well. Sc (Doctor of Nursing Science) levels, whereas the L. Generally, the more education a nurse has the greater pay and the greater number of options s/he will have. The school is consistently ranked high for its teaching and research programs.

There are many areas open to nursing graduates, including the traditional hospital nurse who may work in pediatrics, maternity, the operating room, medical/surgical units, critical care, trauma, or the ER. affords the opportunity to continue the nurse's education to the masters, Ph. Changes in health care trends, as well as an aging RN workforce—the average age is 44—are increasing the demand for more nurses in the workforce than ever before. The innovative curriculum is responsive to national needs in healthcare and the diversity of the patient population.

If all else fails and you're really stuck, stick to child acquisition and use plenty of theory, frameworks, and back the two up against each other..this helps!

I got a high A and I did the comparison between scientific language for children and that for A level students.

Even looking at something like style of writing or layout on someone else's work won't help because it has to be in your style. You also need to include specific details of what you hope to achieve, what you expect to find and how you are going to study them/what methods you are going to use. maybe starting from childrens books to about books for teenages or adults. fanxx You would probably need to include theories on discourse (people writing how they would speak (eye-dialect)), language change stuff-this would be things like narrowing, broadening, slang taboo language. Good luck xx I got a high A and I did the comparison between scientific language for children and that for A level students.

You sound as though you have chosen a linguistic area to study (the language of two children) but you need to have detailed ideas of what you are going to study about the language of children: is it the way they interact with each other? So yes you do need to include your theory and primarily a and no, no one can tell you exactly what you need to write about because really you are the only person who will know. Probably looking at variables such as age and gender. Really really easy; sometimes the easy stuff can be the best as you can go into a lot of detail with it! I chose an area which really interests me, so I compared two cricket writers in The Times. I was wondering if I could ask someone a HUGE favour. Even if anyone could point me in the direction of any websites that may help me, especially if there are websites with example courseworks. For example, I jumped is correct with the '-ed', however they may say I thinked; as they would not know this irregular verb. For child language acquisition, you could consider theorists' thoughts, such as Chomsky.If there are any people who have already done the coursework would they be able to tell me exactly what I need to write about, or even better send theirs to me so that I can see some examples?? I'm looking at the speech and communication of two children. Am I literally supposed to write what they can say? We haven't seen any examples at all, and seeing coursework that others have done always helps me. But they have recognised the regular '-ed' past tense ending; irregularities such as this are the key for A grades as your a applying the theory. Look for irregularities too - it is a key thing for child lang. because this is where you can really tell that they are still learning.If you are interested in post-bac program information, there are some important key questions to consider. N.) degree program also offers prelicensure and post licensure options.This is also located on the left side of this page at "Post-Bac Program Information." For information on professional health science masters degree programs, please select the left side at "Masters Programs, Prof. Science." If you are interested in joining one of the UCLA Career Center affiliated pre-health student groups, please select the left side at "Pre-Health Student Groups" for general and contact information. The UCLA Career Center offers personal assistance and programs on the graduate and professional school application process, including program selection, the personal statement, faculty recommendations, admissions tests, and financial assistance. S./post licensure program is for registered nurses from associate degree or diploma programs who wish to obtain their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in three years. The master’s entry clinical nurse (MECN)/prelicensure program, new for Fall Quarter 2006, is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in another discipline who wish to become registered nurses.Please refer to "UCLA College Academic Counseling’s Pre-Health Requirements Worksheet." If you have further questions about your academic plan, please see your College Counseling Unit (listed on the worksheet).The UCLA Career Center does not provide academic counseling.Also found in hospitals are nursing educators, quality assurance nurses, nurse managers, nurse epidemiologists, and nursing supervisors. These changes in health care trends are also making it even more important for nurses to be educated at the minimum level of baccalaureate degree. Graduates of the program are sought by healthcare institutions and educational programs and many alumni have become leaders in the field.At the masters degree level the various specialties available to graduates include: nursing administration, certified nurse-midwifery, clinical specialist, nurse anesthetist, and nurse practitioner (most of the clinicians in our Women's Health Clinic in Student Health Services are nurse practitioners). An article published by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in February 1998 addresses this importance with their statement, "Unlike associate-degree and diploma graduates who are prepared primarily for hospital and nursing home practice, BSN nurses have broad education in the physical and behavioral sciences, management concepts, and community health and have the flexibility to practice across a range of settings...critical thinking and leadership skills give BSN nurses an edge..." Employment of registered nurses is expected to grow faster than average. There are two undergraduate degree program options: Nursing B. Education in this research University with its full range of academic disciplines provides a rich environment for preparation in the health sciences.I hope this has given you some idea of what the coursework might require. An example may be: how does the lexis of these two children differ? My study was on the gender differences in two children's language, which was very interesting. Just refer back to last year's frameworks - grammar/lexis/semantics/pragmatics/phonology/graphology.I know it is very difficult and stressful, especially if you don't know what to do so if you need more details please feel free to message me. Hi, We were told that we had to include: - Introduction- -say why you were interested in this topic area - how you gathered your data - Any limitations of your study (e.g. If you are a keen textual nut, then this is definitely for you.


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