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PSC welcomes resource requests for allocations of supercomputing time from qualified scientists, engineers, and science educators, and strongly encourages women, minorities, and persons with disabilities to participate fully in its research and research-related programs.The policies documented here are evaluated regularly to assure adequate and responsible administration of PSC systems for users. Users conducting proprietary research who are interested in using PSC systems can do so by establishing an affiliation through the center's Corporate Affiliates Program.In CERP’s 2015 Data Buddies survey, computing majors were asked whether they had thought about changing to a non-computing major during the past year.

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When talking about staying in their major, students cited words such as “prospect”, “security”, “stable”, and “necessary” along with the top two most commonly used words: “job” and “degree”.

For instance, one student said: “[I thought about changing to a non-computing major because of] the difficulty of computing.

On the other hand, students’ responses regarding the factors that helped them stay in computing contained words such as “job”, “degree”, and “friends”.

We also looked at words associated (correlated) with these two sets of words to give us context for frequently cited words.

As a case in point, one student noted: “The material is hard to learn!

I had to drop one of my core classes and must take it again.Word clouds were generated to reflect most commonly used words with a minimum frequency of 40.This info-graphic is brought to you by the CRA’s Center for Evaluating the Research Pipeline (CERP).To apply, you must be a researcher or educator at a US academic or non-profit research institution.A principal investigator (PI) may not be a high school, undergraduate or graduate student; a qualified advisor must serve in this capacity. Researchers or educators affiliated with academic or non-profit research institutions in the United States may apply to use PSC resources through the NSF's XSEDE program.But with some support from friends, academic advisors, more interesting classes, and a more focused field in the major I have decided to continue.” There were 9,721 undergraduate students who responded to CERP’s survey in 2015.Students who indicated that they were in a computing major were asked, “Over the past year, have you seriously considered changing to a non-computing major?Allocations are given in three categories: Startup and Research allocations are managed through the XSEDE program, and must be requested through the XSEDE portal.You will need an XSEDE portal account to request an allocation; if you don't already have one, you can create one on the XSEDE portal site.[But I stayed for] the security of the job market.” Yet another student noted: “The competitive culture [in my computing major] is overwhelming.[But] the salary [that] hopefully awaits me [helped me stay].” Furthermore, students used the words “friends”, “family”, and “support” in association with each other, suggesting that friends and family support played a role in students’ decision/ability to stay in their computing major.


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