Art Of Problem Solving Math

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Multiplication: The distributive property, multi-digit multiplication, using algorithms, the units digit.

Exponents: Computing powers, order of operations, perfect squares, binary notation (base-2).

Measurement: Length, weight, volume, temperature, money, and time. : Beast Academy 3D covers the following topics: Fractions: Unit fractions, fractions on the number line, mixed numbers, equivalent fractions, parts of a whole, comparing and ordering fractions, simplifying fractions.

Estimation: Rounding, computing estimates, over and underestimating, eyeball estimates, Fermi problems.

And know that by just taking the time to research different approaches to math acquisition, and taking the time to think about the program best suited for your student, you are doing an awesome job setting your student up for success!

Beast Academy 2C, Beast Academy 2D, Beast Academy 3A, Beast Academy 3B, Beast Academy 3C, Beast Academy 3D, Beast Academy 4A, Beast Academy 4B, Beast Academy 4C, Beast Academy 4D, Beast Academy 5A, Beast Academy 5B, Beast Academy 5C, Beast Academy 5DBeast Academy 2A covers the following topics: Place Value : Digits, ones, tens, hundreds, breaking and regrouping, adding and subtracting 1, 10, or 100.

Both Saxon and Ao PS math classes at WTMA will provide your students with strong mathematical skills.

No matter the curriculum, our instructors will give your student the support needed for dependable math learning.

Strategies: Rearranging addition and subtraction, canceling, almost canceling, subtracting everything at once, using parentheses, and skip-counting.

Beast Academy 2D covers the following topics: Big Numbers: Thousands, millions and larger place values.


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