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After Reconstruction, states evaded the Amendment with seemingly race-neutral laws such as literacy tests and poll taxes. Supreme Court overturned a piece of the Voting Rights Act.It would not be until 1965 that African Americans and other racial minorities regained the vote with the passage of the Voting Rights Act. And struggles for full access to the ballot continue, with states restricting voting opportunities through measures such as photo voter ID laws, voter purges, felon disenfranchisement, polling place closings, and gerrymandered legislative districts.

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Look to Philadelphia, he said, where blacks congregate “from all the southern States, and have so corrupted each other, that they are now in a situation far worse than the bondage from which they have escaped.

It is impossible to walk through Cedar ward, in a clear warm evening, for the black population.” African Americans countered such claims and protested “white-only” suffrage by issuing “The Appeal of Forty Thousand Citizens Threatened with Disenfranchisement to the People of Pennsylvania.” The appeal asked why the new state constitution denied “that all men are born equally free by making political rights depend on the skin in which a man is born? Constitution or any federal voting rights laws, the disenfranchised black people of Pennsylvania and other states had no recourse to any authority higher than their discriminatory state constitutions and hostile state courts.

By 1860, 28 of 33 states, comprising about 97 percent of the nation’s free black population, had adopted such racially restrictive suffrage.

In 1860, no state imposed property qualifications for voting and only a half-dozen had tax-paying requirements.

From the earliest days of the republic to the present, politicians have sought to limit the ability of non-whites to vote.

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What has changed is the nature of suppression—either the addition of regulations, or the deregulation of parts of the process—as well as the degree to which would-be vote suppressors reveal their intentions.The American problem with voter suppression started with a void in the original Constitution, which did not include a right to vote.This omission allowed states to suppress the votes of non-whites by various means.- Hoof Beats Magazine Dec 14, 1966 - Phoenix Trotting Park Suspends Racing Indefinitely - Harness Horse Magazine Sep 24, 1969 - Ong Hing v. - Find ACase Apr 14, 1983 - Arizona Rites Held for James Dunnigan; Was Founder of Buffalo Raceway - The Sun and the Erie County Independent Nov 15, 1991 - Auto Swap USA - Arizona Business Gazette Dec 9, 1997 - Film Crew to Aid Birds - The Arizona Republic Sep 21, 2006 - Goodyear's Horse Track Becomes 'White Elephant' - West Valley View Dec 2010 - Phoenix Trotting Park History - Three Rivers Historical Society Newsletter Oct 10, 2011 - Goodyear Trotting Park Receives Interest - West Valley View Oct 22, 2012 - Man Injured in Fall at Goodyear Trotting Park - West Valley View Mar 28, 2014 - The Short Life and Long Death of Phoenix Trotting Park - Harness Racing Update Jun 18, 2014 - Readers' Picks of Biggest West Valley Eyesores - The Arizona Republic Jan 12, 2016 - Huge Trotting Park in Goodyear Marks 50 Years Standing Empty - The Arizona Republic Jan 14, 2016 - For .5 Million, You Could Own the Phoenix Trotting Park in Goodyear - The Arizona Republic May 17, 2017 - Demolition Zone Ahead - West Valley View May 17, 2017 - The Old Phoenix Trotting Park Set for Demolition - AZ Family 3TV / CBS 5 May 18, 2017 - All Abandoned: 8 Forbidden & Forgotten Spots around Arizona - College Times May 20, 2017 - Iconic Phoenix Trotting Park along I-10 in Goodyear set for demolition - Arizona Republic May 21, 2017 - Phoenix Trotting Park, an iconic horse-racing track, will be demolished - KTAR News May 22, 2017 - Abandoned Phoenix Trotting Park scheduled to be demolished in December - FOX10 Phoenix Jul 9, 2017 - Goodyear Police Asking People to Stay Away from Trotting Park - FOX10 Phoenix Sep 26, 2017 - Phoenix horse trotting park set for demolition Wednesday - AZ Family 3TV / CBS 5 Sep 27, 2017 - RAW VIDEO: Aerial view of Goodyear horse trotting park demolition - AZ Family 3TV / CBS 5 Sep 27, 2017 - Facebook Live Stream of trotting park demolition - AZ Family 3TV / CBS 5 Sep 27, 2017 - Abandoned Phoenix Horse Trotting Park demolished in Goodyear - FOX10 Phoenix Sep 27, 2017 - What is the fate of the Phoenix Trotting Park in Goodyear? The more that efforts to suppress voting rights in America change, the more they remain the same.The court ignored the state constitution and found that “no coloured race was party to our social compact,” and that there was no basis on which “to raise this depressed race to the level of the white one.” The court did hold out hope for future generations, albeit in a perverse way, by noting that a black man’s “blood, however, may become so diluted in successive descents to lose its distinctive character; and, then, both policy and justice require that previous disabilities should cease.” This idea of excluding blacks from the “social compact” reemerged when Pennsylvania adopted a new constitution in a convention that began on May 2, 1837, and lasted until February of the following year.This 10-month deliberation took three times longer than the convention that drafted the nation’s constitution in Philadelphia in 1789, and its delegates played on the common prejudice that African Americans lacked the moral and mental fitness needed for suffrage.At times it seems as though the most bigoted individuals in America's 48th state save their most raucous and prejudiced behavior for the 44th president.The Arizona Republic reported that hundreds of dissenters chose to model their insulting and extremist behavior before some of Phoenix's youngest residents.Although the players and the issues in voting rights may change over time, today’s arguments would seem familiar to those involved in the antebellum fights over voting.And the stakes are very much the same: Who has the right to vote in America and who benefits from exclusion?


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